Heat to Power Solutions

Heat Recovery Solutions, a CETY company, provides custom, pre-engineered and assembled Zero Emission Heat Recovery Solutions for Industrial and Municipality grade projects. 

These solutions capture wasted heat produced by the facility and  converts it into grid-ready electricity that can either be sold for a profit, or offset electrical expenses of the facility.

Good applications for heat to power installations include:

  • Any Industrial Facilities or Power Plants with Stacks Producing Exhaust
  • Biomass boilers used in agricultural and manufacturing
  • Turbine and Engine Compression Stations
  • Industries using liquid fuel or gas powered engines such as landfills and water treatment facilities. 
  • Along with almost any other industrial process that puts off wasted heat.

Utilize An Existing Energy Source

Heat is just another form of energy, and it is frequently released out the stacks of industrial facilities, power plants, and many other facilities.

This heat is a wasted asset of the facility, and can instead be converted into revenue or offset the cost of the facility.

Generate Revenue or Savings with Wasted Resources

The power the Clean Cycle produces from heat can easily be integrated with the grid so that it can be sold for a steady revenue stream, or directly offset an electricity bill.

Electricity produced is grid-ready and is up to 140kW per unit, equivalent to the usage of more than 100 US households.

No Additional Emissions or Personnel Required

The Clean Cycle requires no fuel, and no combustion takes place during the process, producing zero emissions. 

Unlike other technologies, The Clean Cycle generates electricity any time the heat source is operating, requires no operator, and is fully automated.

A Proven System

Intelligent Energy Production

Heat is just another form of energy, and it is frequently released out the stacks of industrial facilities, power plants, compression stations, and many other facilities. 

Our technology converts heat from a variety of sources into clean, zero emission, affordable electricity, which can be either sold back to the grid, or offset electrical costs.

Why Our System?

Consistent Performance

With a growing fleet of greater than 100 units and more than a million operating hours, the Clean Cycle is a leader in the heat to power industry. 

Our units are even pre-assembled to simplify installation and operation.

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