Navigation Bar

If you add new pages or want to re-arrange your navigation bars.

  1. From the administration menu.  Go to Appearance > Menus
  2. Select menu you want to update:
    1. Main – Navigation Bar on top of the website
    2. Company – Menu on bottom of page
    3. Investor Relations – Menu on bottom of page
    4. Markets – Menu on bottom of page
    5. Services – Menu on bottom of page
  3. You can drag the pages around to the new location.  Pay attention to indentation.
  4. When you are finished editing your menu click the Save Menu button.

Adding new pages to the menu:

  1. Select the Menu you want to edit: Main, Company, Investor Relations, Markets, Services
  2. On left of the menu administration page.  In the Pages tab you can select View All to see all the pages on your website.  
  3. Checkmark the Pages you want to add to your navigation bar and click Add to Menu.
  4. Drag your new page from the bottom to the appropriate section.
  5. Click Save Menu to update your website.