Press Releases

Adding Press Releases:

  1. Click the “+ New” icon on the top of your WordPress website and select the “Post” content type. 
  2. Enter the Title and Body text for your article
    • Use the  toolbar to add formatting to your text and images.
  3. Publish category on the right menu:
    • Select the Date for your article.  Your Press Releases are listed in reverse chronological order so you want to make sure the dates are correct.  The specific time (8am?) doesn’t matter so you can leave that as is.
  4. Categories select the checkboxes for:
    • Press Release
  5. Tags
    • You want to enter any keywords related to this specific Press Release.  This will help with your search box on your website.  This will also help with your SEO ranking.  Search engines will target these words improving your sites ranking.
  6. Featured Image
    • You want to click “Set featured image” and then from the Media Gallery select the Press Release graphic.