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Heat Recovery Solutions

The principal product of Heat Recovery Solutions, a subsidiary of CETY, is the Clean Cycle Heat to Power Generator, a turn-key solution to generate revenue or offset electrical costs for industrial use. Acquired from GE, its patented magnetic bearing turbine technology is proven with over 100 installations and more than 1M fleet operating hours.

Waste to Energy Solutions

CETY's Waste to Energy Division provides a gasification and waste recycling process for the production of clean energy, utilizing the principles of ‘low level buildings’, ‘ultra-low emission to air’ and ‘low noise levels’. These solutions play a key role in low to no emission energy solutions for industrial, commercial and municipality sites.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Our extensive design, engineering and manufacturing services provide an integrated approach, whether we are becoming an extension of your engineering team, developing manufacturing processes, or providing the whole market ready solution. If you are bringing a product to market we can provide the resources you need.

Our Focus

Heat to Power Solutions

Heat Recovery Solutions, a CETY company, provides custom, pre-engineered and assembled heat recovery solutions for Industrial and Municipality grade projects. 

These solutions capture wasted heat produced by the facility and  converts it into grid-ready electricity that can either be sold for a profit, or offset electrical expenses of the facility.

Good applications for heat to power installations include:

  • Any Industrial Facilities or Power Plants with Stacks Producing Exhaust
  • Biomass boilers used in agricultural and manufacturing
  • Turbine and Engine Compression Stations
  • Industries using liquid fuel or gas powered engines such as landfills and water treatment facilities. 
  • Along with almost any other industrial process that puts off wasted heat.

HTAP Solutions

Processing of industrial and municipal organic waste in high temperature ablative pyrolysis system for renewable high heating value fuel gas and value-added chemicals. 

One HTAP10 system produces enough synthetic fuel gas to generate electric power for 2500 households.

Engineering, Manufacturing, and Project Development.

Design Process

Electronics Design

Software Design

Mechanical Design

Industrial Design​

CETY’s global technology team supports clean technology customers and innovators with a broad range of Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineering services. CETY has assembled a team of experts from around the globe to assist customers at any point in the design cycle.​

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