Table Options and Formatting

Tables can be easily modified:

Use this guide for your table formatting options.  A sample table is provided at the bottom of the page as a reference.

  • [Table]: The website will render a table for you with the items inside the [table]…[/table] tags.
  • Rows: Each line will be a new row.
  • Columns: You separate the columns with a “|” vertical bar which is the “shift-\” button usually above the enter key.
  • Table Headers: The first row is going to be the header columns. Then each additional row is your data.
  • Single Space: For a new line hold shift when you press the return key and it will do a single space rather than double space.  Either will work fine but I find the single return to be nicer to look at when working with a table.
  • Media/File Links: For PDF links click the “Add Media” button and upload your pdf file.

Sample table:

Holiday | 2013 | 2014
New Year’s Day | Tues, Jan 01 | Wed, Jan 01
Martin Luther King Jr. | Mon, Jan 21 | Mon Jan 20
Memorial Day | Mon, May 27 | Mon, May 26
Independence Day | Thurs, Jul 04 | Fri, Jul 04
Labor Day | Mon, Sep 02 | Mon, Sep 01
Veteran’s Day | Mon, Nov 11 | Tues, Nov 11
Thanksgiving | Thurs-Fri, Nov 28-29 | Thurs-Fri, Nov 27-28
Holiday Break | Tues-Wed, Dec 24-25 | Thurs-Fri, Dec 25-26