Updating Your Content

Updating your website content is easy:

    1. First be sure you are logged in to your administrator account. 
    2. Find the page you want to update by browsing your website.
    3. Click the Edit this Page link on the bottom of the content area.
    4. Make your changes and click Publish to save your edits.

Alternate Method

You can also find your pages using this alternate method:

  1. Select Pages on the left navigation menu.
  2. Select your page to Edit, make changes and Publish your updates.


Adding documents to your pages:

    1. Add Media 
      • The Add Media button is located on the top left of the content editor toolbar.  
    2. Upload Files
      • Select your files on your computer you want to upload to the Media Center.
    3. File Details
      • While this step can be skipped it will make it much easier for you to keep track of your files later.  You want to add enough info so you can easily identify your documents when looking at them through this Media menu a few months from now.
    4. Attachment Display Settings
      • You want to select Link to Media and then click the Insert into Page button.