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Our technology process industrial and municipal organic waste in high temperature ablative pyrolysis system for renewable high heating value fuel gas and value-added chemicals.

Key Components

Drying and Grinding Organic Matter

The HTAP5 containerized system can process up to 600kg per hour waste organic matter, and it's pyrolysis reactor produces enough recuperated heat to dry organic matter to required level of 2-3%. The module produces no emission except water vapor from drying

Produce Fuel or Char with the Pyrolysis Reactor

Organic matter ground and dried is fed to the Pyrolysis Reactor by enclosed auger conveyor. The HTAP reactor then produces synthetic fuel gas and pyrolysis char while heat released from hot synthetic gas discharge from the reactor is used for organic matter drying.

Fuel Gas Conditioning

Synthetic gas is discharged from the pyrolysis reactor and is cooled. After passing through the conditioning module, fuel gas is available for supply to an electric power genset or to a boiler. Pyrolysis char is then used as an agent for adsorption filters and spent agent is sent to the pyrolysis reactor entrance for recovery together with regular waste organics.

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