Waste to Energy Solutions


Technology Designed to Convert Costly and Harmful Waste into Sustainable Fuel.

Our technology process industrial and municipal organic waste in high temperature ablative pyrolysis system for renewable high heating value fuel gas and value-added chemicals.

CETY’s Waste to Heat technology is a containerized system that utilizes the High Temperature Ablative Pyrolysis Reactor (HTAP) for the production of synthetic (renewable) natural gas to be used as fuel for onsite power generation or CNG applications.

Our system can be configured for a number of industries, and applications, with each solution optimized and tailored to the facility’s needs. Additional output options of the system can also be used including liquid hydrocarbons (dimethyl ether, methanol) or renewable hydrogen.

How it Works

Organic waste matter is fed into a course shredder from the receiving conveyor. After shredder it comes to the drying module. After drying organic waste passes through fine grinder and the final drier. Quantity of shredding/drying machines are waste source dependent. The waste powder that is fed to HTAP pyrolysis has moisture content 2-4% and fraction size 1-3 mm. 

Waste organic is decomposed into syngas and pyrolysis char at temperature above 900deg.C. Syngas vapor passes through imbedded overheating chamber to decompose condensable polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons into hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane. The discharged syngas is supplied for electric and heat power production in ICE gensets, gas turbines or gas boilers. 

Pyrolysis char is cooled and stored in the buffer vessel for subsequent production of value-added chemicals or solid fuel briquettes. 

Operating mode of the system is continuous 8600 hours per year with scheduled maintenance stops every 4000 hours.

Key Components

Drying and Grinding

HTAP5 containerized system is accepting waste organic matter preliminary shredded to 20-30mm particle size and dried to 20% moisture. There is enough recuperated heat from synthetic fuel gas flow discharging from pyrolysis reactor to dry organic matter to required level of 2-3%. If HTAP5 is installed with onsite electric power generator, it can accept higher level of moisture in the received organic matter since additional heat from genset can be reverted for drying. Capacity of this module is up to 600kg per hour on dry mass basis. Electric power consumption for various drives is up to 85kW. Hammer milling is used for grinding and drying is performed by hot air. The module produces no emission except water vapor from drying operation.

Pyrolysis Reactor 

Organic matter grinded down to 3mm fraction size and dried down to moisture 2-3% is fed to the HTAP reactor by enclosed auger conveyor. To isolate organic matter supply and inner reactor area high temperature airlocks are installed. HTAP reactor produces synthetic fuel gas and pyrolysis char (solid carbonaceous material). Capacity of the reactor for output gas stream is up to 800 nm3 per hour, for pyrolysis char is up to 300 kg per hour. Electric power consumption is 200 kW for cold start (induction preheating) and 15kW at normal operating mode. Heat released from hot synthetic gas discharge from the reactor is used for organic matter drying.

Fuel Gas Conditioning

Synthetic gas is discharging from pyrolysis reactor at 900 deg.C and is cooling in cyclone, dry scrubber heat exchanger, adsorption filter and fine gas filter down to +50 deg.C. After passing through conditioning module fuel gas is available for supply to electric power genset or to a boiler with pressure 0,4 barg (5,8 psig) and temperature +60 deg.C. To maintain gas pressure a centrifugal gas blower is used. Gas conditioning module includes standby emergency flare. All filters in the system are duplex for scheduled maintenance without reactor stop. Pyrolysis char is used as an agent for adsorption filters. Spent agent is sent to the pyrolysis reactor entrance for recovery together with regular waste organics flow. Capacity of gas conditioning module is 800 nm3 per hour. Electric power consumption of the module is 35kW. 

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