Clean Energy Technologies Enters into a Master Service Agreement with RPG Energy Group

— CETY Will Develop Onsite Applications to Create Electricity, Hydrogen, and Promote Decarbonization

COSTA MESA, Calif., March 29, 2023 — Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq CETY) (the “Company”), a clean energy manufacturing and services company, offering recyclable energy solutions, clean energy fuels, and alternative electric power for small and mid-sized projects in North America, Europe, and Asia today announced that it entered into a Master Service Agreement with RPG Energy Group for development of onsite applications which utilize technologies to create electricity, applicable hydrogen production, and promote decarbonization. CETY will support RPG Energy’s Fortune 500 customer with locations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the U.S., and Mexico. The initial sites are in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, the UK, and the U.S., specifically in the states of Tennessee, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, and Mississippi.

CETY and RPG Energy have been conducting global site assessments over the last 12 months to collect and analyze data in order to identify energy efficiencies and improvements. The application will integrate CETY’s services and solutions into the microgrid at these sites, allowing for functions such as demand shave generation, onsite generation (genset), Energy Storage, Waste-Heat-Recovery to Power (ORC), Solar PV, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, and Waste to Hydrogen.

Jami Krynski, RPG’s CEO said, “Our industrial customer base has been devastated by the rising tide of utility charges along with the loss of control on how much margin fade is the result of energy destabilization worldwide. CETY is a great fit to work along side our team as we reimagine power generation and supply which are fundamental to our society and marketplace. As global energy markets destabilize with unprecedented cost increases our collective services are saving factories and jobs.”

Kam Mahdi, CETY’s CEO said, “This partnership is expected to open a host of opportunities to work with two excellent companies and showcase CETY’s knowledge and technology on a global scale. We are excited to begin our work with RPG Energy. This partnership is a reflection of our expanded business plan that involves manufacturing of component parts, engineering, and project service management services to municipals and industrial companies.”

About Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (CETY)

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Clean Energy Technologies (CETY) plans to become a leader in the zero-emission revolution by offering recyclable energy solutions, clean energy fuels and alternative electric power for small and mid-sized projects in North America, Europe, and Asia. We deliver power from heat and biomass with zero emission and low cost. The Company’s principal products are Waste Heat Recovery Solutions using our patented Clean Cycle TM generator to create electricity. Waste to Energy Solutions converting waste products created in manufacturing, agriculture, wastewater treatment plants and other industries to electricity and BioChar. Engineering, Consulting and Project Management Solutions providing expertise and experience in developing clean energy projects for municipal and industrial customers and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies. Our NG trading operations in China is to source and supply Natural Gas to industries and municipalities located in China.

CETY’s common stock is currently traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol CETY. For more information, visit or

About RPG Energy Group, Inc.

RPG Energy Group is a renewable energy company that offers a full turn-key solution from schematic design and engineering through final construction and system monitoring within the renewable energy markets. The company and its affiliates work with clients to educate them on how they can efficiently reduce their electricity spend through clean distributed generation technologies, thereby affording them less vulnerability to energy interruption while providing an improved cost of energy.

RPG’s overall process is an extensive and comprehensive approach, from identification through implementation and maintenance, which ensures projects are complete to the highest quality while providing full transparency to clients. The management team comes from a diverse and experienced background of nearly 50 years combined within the renewables and construction industries.

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