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Applicational uses

CETY’s heat-to-power installations are versatile, fitting a broad spectrum of heat recovery applications including industrial facilities, power plants, biomass boilers, turbine and engine compression stations and more.


Up to 140kW
reliable, base-load
electricity production

Heat Recovery Solutions

Since the mid 2000s, HRS has been designing and building ORC based systems to convert wasted heat into usable electric power. We used advanced magnetic bearings, high speed power electronics and compact self-cooling permanent magnet generators to bring cost effective solutions to the small industrial market. The Clean Cycle I (CCI) with 125 kW gross power rating was installed over 100 times and produced > 1,000,000 MWh. Many continue to run today.

Then we developed the Clean Cycle II (CCII) with 140 kW gross power rating. Still based on the core technologies, but with increased standardization and optimized packaging. This reduced application specific design work and minimized installation requirements. Allowing access to medium temperature sources of steam, flue gas, cooling thermal oils and pressurized hot water systems.

Today we continue to develop the CCII and install heat recovery solutions around the world with operating units in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. We have also partnered with a great company to bring productive heat recovery to larger situations, allowing us to provide cost competitive solutions for applications with heat flows from 750 – 10,000 kWth.


Numerous Successful Applications

The Clean Cycle generator has been successfully applied to many waste heat applications and is ready for many more. Any application where the heat can be captured to a thermal oil, steam, or pressurized hot water, and in some cases directly to the working fluid, are applications waiting to be explored.

The Clean Cycle containerized solution has been meticulously engineered to be reliable and efficient on a variety of different heat sources. All major components have been assembled into a single package to create an automated machine that generates electricity from nothing other than a hot water or steam loop.

Waste Heat Recovery Components

Product Details

CCIICustom Solutions
Heat SourceAvailable Energy (kW)700 – 4,0003,000 – 10,000
Flue GasSupply Range (C)300 – 500250 – 600+
Flue GasReturn Range (C)~150 – 200~180 – 250
SteamSupply Range (C)140 – 200
SteamReturn Range (C)CondensateCondensate
Pressurized WaterSupply Range (C)145 – 165250 - 350
Pressurized WaterReturn Range (C)~120 – 130
Thermal Oil Supply Range (C)145 – 165250 - 350
Thermal OilReturn Range (C)~125 – 135
Cooling SinkCaloric Rejection (kW)600 – 3,5002,300 – 7,500
Ambient Air CondenserAir Temperature (C) < 45 (derate > 35)< 45
Water CondenserSupply Temperature (C)10 – 40 (derate > 35)10 – 85
Water CondenserReturn Temperature (C)~20 – 5030 – 95

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