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A suite of zero-emission solutions

Heat-to-power, and waste-to-energy products as well as engineering and manufacturing solutions focused on other energy efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies.


Waste to Energy

Waste, disposal, transport, and/or storage of the same has long been a challenge and now it is becoming increasingly expensive. There are now large systems implemented to eliminate waste at the storage locations in many large cities. CETY brings a solution to market that allows the producers to eliminate the disposal and transport costs before shipping waste to a large collection facility, while producing value added products.

Originally designed to fix the shortcomings of other Pyrolysis systems, the HTAP products use high temperature ablative decomposition to reduce the waste containing complex hydrocarbon chains into Hydrogen, methane, and other Syngas components and into biochar. This flash decomposition system eliminates the hard to handle and dispose of tars common to other Pyrolysis systems.

HTAP 5 and HTAP 10 allow for modular design and installation of a solution to handle 5,000 and 10,000 tons annually of any carbonic waste stream. These solutions handle dryer agricultural waste that digesters do not want. They accommodate woodchips, plastics, tires, and many other waste streams and convert that waste to sellable products: electricity, green hydrogen and syngas, and biochar.

Applications/Case Studies

The HTAD systems have been successfully applied to many carbonic waste streams and are ready for many more. Any application that starts with high carbon content can be decomposed to valuable products, reducing your disposal, transport, and tipping costs, while generating a revenue stream.

Product Details

Characteristic HTAP-5 HTAP-10
Annual capacity (dry mass tons)5,25010,500
Syngas Production (% mass)70 – 9570 – 95
Biochar Production (% mass) 5 – 30 5 – 30
Annual Operation (hours) 8,400 – 8,600 8,400 – 8,600
Gross Electric Generation (kW)1,3002,400
Net Electric Generation (kW) 1,0001,800
Scheduled Maintenance Interval (hours) 4,0004,000
Scheduled Overhaul Interval (hours) 60,000 60,000

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