Renewable and Energy Efficiency Products and Solutions

Technology for Our Future

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. trading symbol (CETY) designs, builds and markets renewable and energy efficient products and solutions.

We offer a suite of zero emission heat recovery solutions, combined heat to power and waste to energy products as well as engineering and manufacturing solutions focused on other energy efficient and environmental sustainable technologies.

Our Focus

Waste to Energy Solutions

Our suite of technology and processes convert costly waste created in manufacturing, agriculture, and other industries into revenue producing energy.

Heat Recovery Solutions

Our wholly owned subsidiary Heat Recovery Solutions (HRS) offers it's proprietary Clean Cycle Heat to Power Generator to commercial, industrial and municipality clients

Engineering and Manufacturing

Our design, engineering and manufacturing services provide an integrated approach, becoming an extension of our client's team, and providing a market ready solution

Acquisitions and Partnerships

CETY is actively working to identify other technologies or companies for either acquisition or partnership, for integration into it's portfolio of marketable Clean Technology.

Heat is just another form of energy, and it is frequently released out the stacks of industrial facilities, power plants, compression stations, and many other facilities. 

Heat Recovery Solutions, a CETY company, provides custom, pre-engineered and assembled zero emission heat recovery solutions for Industrial and Municipality grade projects. 

Our technology converts heat from a variety of sources into clean, affordable electricity, which can be either sold back to the grid, or offset electrical costs. 

Waste to Energy

Processing of industrial and municipal organic waste in high temperature ablative pyrolysis system for renewable high heating value fuel gas and value-added chemicals. 

One HTAP10 system produces enough synthetic fuel gas to generate electric power for 2500 households.

Technology for Our Future

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Our Management Team

Kam Mahdi

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kam Mahdi is a co-founder of our company and has served as our Chief Executive Officer since the launch of CETY in September of 2015. From 2010 to December 2015 he served as the CEO of Probe Manufacturing an electronics manufacturing and product development accelerator, Mr. Mahdi’s vision of creating a product development accelerator led to the acquisition of the General Electric Heat Recovery Solutions, and has been instrumental in making CETY a major player in the renewable and energy efficiency markets. He is an accomplished CEO with domestic and international experience in operations, P&L oversight, multi-channel product distributions, licensing, joint ventures, and marketing involving both start-ups and growth organizations. Mr. Mahdi holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from California State University of Northridge.

Calvin Pang

Chief Financial Officer and Director

Calvin Pang has served as our Chief Financial Officer since March 2020 and has served as our director since February 2018. He has been the Managing Director of Megawell Capital Limited since 2015. From 2007 to 2015, he was a banker at UBS AG managing portfolios of Hong Kong and China based investors. Mr. Pang graduated from the Olin School of Business in Washington University in St. Louis with a bachelor’s degree in business and finance.

Alexander Skorokhodov

Director of Technology

Alexander Skorokhodov is our Director of Engineering since October 2022. From 2013 he is serving as CEO of Enex LLC an inventor and developer of HTAP technology acquired by CETY as the core system for CETY waste recovery and renewables projects. He has 18 years experience in implementation of more than 250 onsite power generation projects for the major oil & gas and industrial customers in CIS countries and abroad. Mr. Skorokhodov graduated from Moscow Aviation University with automated control systems engineer degree and Antwerp University Management School with Executive MBA in international business.

Lance Woolley

Director of Operations

Lance Woolley is our Director of Operations and has been involved with CETY and HRS since 2011. In addition to his work at CETY, he has lead product design, integrated systems and managed operations at companies building communication systems, jet engines, fuel cells, gas turbines, kinetic batteries, and waste heat recovery systems. Mr. Woolley earned a masters of science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University and graduated from Indiana University Kelly School of Business with an MBA.

Lauren Morrison

Board Member

Ms. Lauren Morrison is an international business development consultant whose career has had a major focus in the clean energy, smart building, and sustainability sectors. She has worked with companies of all sizes and areas of specialization, from concept to early-stage and maturity, on global growth strategies, branding, and product development. Lauren is interested in the integration and optimization of technologies that measurably increase energy efficiency, and the application of monitoring and data analysis that iteratively improves building processes, practices, and net functionality. As part of a leading-edge model smart city development in Asia, Lauren saw first-hand the critical imperative for global collaboration to address climate challenges as they rapidly eclipse geographic boundaries. She is passionate about expanding the conversation on this topic to include the widest possible audience of stakeholders. Our Board of Directors believes that Ms. Morrison brings a unique and valuable international perspective and clean energy experience to our Board of Directors.

Ted Hsu

Board Member

Mr. Ted Hsu has almost 3 decades of experience as a commercial banker. He joined Preferred Bank in 1992 and currently serves as the bank’s Executive Vice President. Preferred Bank is one of the largest independent commercial banks in California. He has extensive experience in servicing clients in various sectors including real estate, construction, commercial and industrial. Recently, Mr. Hsu began to cover companies in the renewable energy sector as it is the growing trend. We believe Mr. Hsu is well qualified to serve as a member of our Board of Directors due to his experience in commercial lending.

Matthew Graham Smith

Board Member

Mr. Matthew Graham Smith has over a decade of experience working in a range of overseas and domestic roles with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and has held positions as Product Manager, Major Surface Ships, Department of Defense, Senior Administrative Officer, Consulate-General, Chengdu, Senior Administrative Officer, Consulate-General, Chengdu, Post Opener, Consulate-General Surabaya, Indonesia. Mr. Smith is a Certified Practicing Accountant in Australia and will serve as the Chairman of our Audit Committee upon the listing of our common stock on Nasdaq. Mr. Smith has received a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from Australian National University and was an exchange student at the Olin Business School, Washington University.

Our Partners

Our partners are very important to us and we recognize their importance for success. We accomplish a lot together and have established solid relationships and understand their objectives. We maintain constant communication and ongoing collaboration with our partners in order to ensure that our objectives are aligned and our processes are integrated.

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